Lock screw machine

3 Axis Auto-Screwdriving Machine WPM-802

1.High efficiency, multi-axes, can be customized 2.Manufacturer: high quality & low price 3.Su Auto-Screwdriving Machine

Auto-Screwdriving Machine 

1.High efficiency, multi-axes, can be customized  

2.Manufacturer: high quality & low price  

3.Suitable for all kinds of screws  Introduction This machine include two parts:  electric screwdriver and automatic screwfeeder It puts the automatic screwfeeder together with the electric screwdriver in order to achieve the complement of screw transmission and lock, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and save manpower. Once the screwdriver is lifted after locking a screw, another screw will be sent continuously to continue the operation, which is particular suitable for the work piece of multi-station with the same specification.   Application: This equipment is used for locking screws applied in electronics, household appliances, Auto, toy industry and so on, which can greatly improve the production efficiency. Please provide relevant product information and locking requirements of you need more details.  

Model Voltage: 220V
Power :360W
Efficiency: 3-5 second/workpiece
Import method of screw: Air-blowing type
Capacity of screw pocket: 8000 pcs
Customize :Yes
Scope of application: M1 - M6
Suitable screw head: any universal type
Size:(L*W*H) 670*550*610 mm
Weight :60kg