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Automatic Blade Aluminium Foil Tape Round Corner Webbing Cutting Machine

We have cooperated with thousands of factories. Product nameComputer tape cutterModelWPM-986BCutting Webbing Cutting Machine

Webbing Cutting Machine

We have cooperated with thousands of factories.


Product nameComputer tape cutter
Cutting length1-9999mm
Cutting width1-125mm
Cutting speed100-125P/min
Rated power0.25KW
Knife typeCold



1.High speed: It can cut 100-120mm  pieces per minute (50mm length as an example).
2.High precision :  Cut-length is accurate owing to the control of microcomputer and electronic eye.
3.Knife :  knife are made of imported high quality rolled steel,with long using life.
4.Automatic operation: It works automatically only by setting length and quantity.
5.Automatic stopper: It stops automatically only by setting length and quantity.
6.Memory: Set-length,set-q'ty & set-speed are not erased even if power off & on.
7.Save document: can save 9 documents,reduce setting time,if it's covenivent to take and operate.