Coaxial cable stripping machine

Coaxial cable cutting and Stripping Machine WPM-9800

Coaxial cable cutting and Stripping Machine WPM-9800,coaxial cable making equipment The character

Coaxial cable cutting and Stripping Machine WPM-9800

,coaxial cable making equipment   


The characteristics explains :

mainly used for coaxial cable and special unipole radix wire transform, choose the most advanced revolution rest , raised accuracy and velocity, adopt the particular axis clamping device and gyration tool angel method, the maximum could shell 9 F has never needed to replace knife blade to then liberalizing to sectionally establish to make controller towards shoulding process to correspond the size and cortex electric wire, and equiping canning and incise wire diameter through a figure display.

Machinery specification:



WPM -9800

wire capability OD


The maximum Strip

Left  end:40(mm)  Right end (un-limited)

Maximum strip layers

8 layers

Power supply

220V/50HZ   P:380W

Cutting off length


Cutting depth of the unit


Strip accuracy


Display mode

7 inch LCD in English

The material range

Coaxial cable

Store data

60 parameters cangi be stored procedures

Drive mode

Motor, ball screw drive

Knife blade

2 pcs of rotated cutter, material: tungsten steel material peeling blades 4 pcs high-speed steel



Power supply

220/110V 50Hz,60Hz



Features size


Working condition

0-50 degree, the drying degree is just right, have no dither of of workbench surface, 

drying degree just right workshop