Tube Cut machine

Multi-function intelligent cutting machine WPM-Cut-100D to WPM-Cut-1200

Multi-function intelligent cutting machineThe system is a special motion control system developed by

Multi-function intelligent cutting machine

The system is a special motion control system developed by our company. It is widely used in the electronics industry, automotive and motorcycle industry, electrical appliances, motors, toys, transformers, clothing and other industries.

1. System composition
Main control board, key board, 128*64 LCD display, stepping driver, stepping motor, roller and so on
2. Technical parameters
Model: 100D model, 100S model, 200 model, 300 model, 400 model
500 models, 600 models, 700 models, 800 models 
1. power supply: 220V 50/60HZ
Length of 2. segments: 0.1-----99999.9mm
3, the characteristics of the machine
1.LED large screen intuitive Chinese display, you can accurately adjust the length of cut and cut speed.
2. cutter time protection, the total number of settings, divided into set, divided into pause time adjustable.
3. cut off automatically stop, do not need special stare Shou. There are a variety of manual operation, convenient debugging
Two. Operation panel instructions

ModelCutting widthMax cut lengthSpeedAccuracy
WPM-Cut-200  215mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm
WPM-Cut- 300315mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm
WPM-Cut- 400415mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm
WPM-Cut- 500515mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm
WPM-Cut- 600615mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm
WPM-Cut- 700715mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm
WPM-Cut- 800815mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm
WPM-Cut- 10001015mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm
WPM-Cut- 12001215mm100M80M/Minute0.1mm