wire harness tester

Power cord cable harness tester WPM-8683

Usage: 1.Meet UL, VDE, CSA, SAA, T-MARK, KS. IRAM, CCC and other countries’ standards .2.used to tes


1.Meet UL, VDE, CSA, SAA, T-MARK, KS. IRAM, CCC and other countries’ standards .

2.used to test single – ends ,double –ends ,three-ends power supply cords.

3.Auto and continuous test in COND,Insulation Resistance ,Leakage Current, Line-to-line Hi-pot(inside HV), Leaking copper(outside HV),  relative length.

5.Auto test the fine and detective goods, tested qualified ones can be be ejected by ejector pin and marked , automatic cutting  defective  products, and alarmed with voice prompt and light, 

6.Provide with RS 232 interfaces, can communicate with PC, easy to upgrade,

7.Provide personalized customization according to different requirements.

1 Polarity : Break over , short circuit, open circuit, dislocation
2 Leakage currentSetting Range: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10mA
3Internal High-Voltage Output:0---5KV(500VA) Adjustable
4 External High-Voltage Output: 0---5KV(500VA) Adjustable
5 Operating Voltage :220VAC 12A 5060 HZ
6 High-voltage range: 0-5KV
7 Resolution: 0.5 level
8 Output Voltage: DC500V
9 Insulation resistance Range : 2, 7, 20, 50, 100, 200 MΩ 
10 Resolution: 0.5 level
11 Voltage withstand time
12 Timing Range: 0.1-99.9/S
13 Min time for item measuring: 0.3S
14 Wire sensitivity : >10pF
15 Barometric Pressure :<4 Kg f / cm2
OK Product : Automatic printing and ejection, counting, and indicator ON
NG Product : Automatic modulus locking, counting, indictor ON and buzzer ringing
16 Size and Weight: 730*530*500 mm
17 Weight:: 80 KG
Other Functions: Automatic cutting defective products and alarmed with voice prompt and light
safeguard :electric leakage ,Short circuit ,overheating