Coaxial cable stripping machine

Semi-automatic coaxial cable stripping machine WPM-8608

Semi-automatic processing coaxial wire cable stripping machineModel WPM-8608 automatic coaxial ca

 coaxial cable stripping machine

Semi-automatic processing coaxial wire cable stripping machine
Model    WPM-8608 automatic coaxial cable stripping machine
Dimension    720*230*350mm
Weight    40kg
Display mode    LCD display screen in English
Power supply    AC220V/110V 50/60HZ
Power    600W
Stripping length    ø0.1mm-ø90mm
Cutting tool material    Tungsten steel 
Stripping wire rang    ø3.0-ø18mm
The way of wire stripping    Rotating knife
Working environment    5-45 degree of drying, vibration-free work surface
Drive way to adjust    motor, ball screw drive

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