Automatic wire stripping cutting machine

Automatic Sheath cable cutting stripping machine WPM-30HT

Automatic Sheath cable cutting stripping machine WPM-30HTProduct function characteristics It's

Automatic Sheath cable cutting stripping machine WPM-30HT
Product function characteristics   
It's widely used in the electronics industry, the city ahs, electrical appliances, motor, lamps, toys, and other various products of wire processing.
Optimal stripped wire PVC / Wires / cable etc.




NameBig square sheathed wire stripping machine 
Display7 inch true color touch screen
functionWire, cable, sheathing wire automatic cutting stripping
Front end stripping sheathing wire full stripping  MAX 120mm
Rear end strippingsheathing wire full stripping MAX 240mm
Wire typeWire, cable, sheathing wire etc
Stripping range<span style="color:#000000;font-family:"">4-30mm2  (with 5 cores or less sheathed wire)
Cutting length1mm-99999.99mm
Cutting toleranceWithin 0.002*L              (L=cut length)
Max diameter of  catheterΦ16
Tool materialHigh quality imported high speed steel
Productivity 2300PCS/hour (sheath wire 800pcs/H)
Driving method16-wheel drive (silent hybrid stepper motor, servo tool holder)
Send line methodBelt feeding cable without marking and scratch
NoteSpecial cable can be customized, need to send sample line test