Automatic wire stripping cutting machine

Sheathed cable cutting and stripping machine WPM-09HT2

Sheathed cable cutting and stripping machine WPM-09HT2 25sq.mmmachine WPM-09HT2Scope of ApplicationW

Sheathed cable cutting and stripping machine WPM-09HT2

machine WPM-09HT2

Scope of Application

WPM-09HT2 Full-automatic Computer Wire Stripping Machine made by our factory is suitable for cutting, head-stripping, tail-stripping and middle-stripping of single –strand, multi-strand and sheath wire. The maximum processing cross-sectional area is 0.1-25mm 2; the maximum cutting length is 100m, head-stripping 250mm and tail-stripping150mm. WPM-09HT2 is suitable for stripping sheath wire especially for sheath wire of long Wire Head and Wire Tail.
Weight: 42KG 
Overall Dimensions: 390mm×350mm×255mm 
Power: 200 – 450W   
Mode of Display: LCD Liquid Crystal Display Screen in English and Chinese      
Cutting Length: 0.1mm – 100m     
Cutting Tolerance: ≤0.002×L (L = Cutting Length)  
Sheath Stripping Length: Head 0.1 – 250mm, Tail 0.1-150mm
Cutting Cross-sectional Area of Wire Core: 0.1 – 25mm2 AWG(8#-32#)  
Maximum Diameter of Conduit Pipe: ¢11
Middle-stripping: 13 places of stripping  
Knife Material: High-quality Tungsten Steel  
Stripping Speed: 4000 – 10000 pcs/h  
Mode of Driving: Four-wheeled Drive (Silent hybrid stepping motor, each step 0.1mm forward)
Adjusting Speed: 0 Slowest, 9 Fastest