Semi-auto wire strip machines

Shielding wire twisted machine WPM-003A

Shielding wire twisted machine WPM-003A1 the machine is easy to use, simple operation, can be a var

Shielding wire twisted  machine WPM-003A
1 the machine is easy to use, simple operation, can be a variety of wire, braided wire tightening, completely replace the manual operation (twisted wire clip thread retractable type).
2 automatic clip hand take exposed design, it is easy to disperse. The copper wire is placed. The elastic clamping force, the wire size is not at the same time, also need not be adjusted.
3 the use of automatic drawing device, simple operation, twisting line smooth, quality is more stable, especially for the novice can quickly adapt to the job.
4 open source, automatically open wire twisting chuck. The peeled skin products on a line bundle into the automatic hand clamping, start the foot switch,
Automatic clamp handle wire clamp, twisted thread rotating, automatic pull device of automatic back.
5 automatic pull back device speed through adjusting button to the upper right corner of the machine control.
Voltage :AC220V 50hz
Twisting length:5-60mm