Tube Cut machine


DIGITAL CUTTING MACHINE WPM-6100 Range of application Digit cutting machine is suitable for heat hea

Range of application 
Digit cutting machine is suitable for heat heat-shrinkable tubing,  teflon tube ,fiberglass pipe ,PVC pipe, PE pipe, Silicone tube, oil proof tube, PET tube, Fluorine plastic pipe, Erosion-resistant pipe, Yellow green tube, Floral tube, Thick wall sheathed, Double-wall corrugate pipe, Mark tube, Electrolytic capacitor PVC set, PVC plastic strip, Flat cable, Ribbon, Plastic hose, Insulating paper, Copper foil, Copper sheet, Double faced adhesive tape, PE bag film,
leather, Non-woven fabric, Acetate cloth, Rubber blanket, cotton yarn belt, Seat belt, Elastic cord, Color bars, magic tape, package crawler, polybag, Battery separator,Nickel, diffusion sheet, Reflect sheet, Conductive fabric, Tongue foam, PET, VELCRO, Zipper,Etc. ribbon pattern or hose pattern.
The machine parameters
1.Cutting length: 1-99999mm 
2.Cutting width:1-100mm ,1-120mm, 0-160mm, 0-200mm(we can customize a wider)
3.Cut-off speed:100-120pcs/Min
4.Memory Function: Can store Max. 100 group programs
5.Accuracy:±0.1mm(Depends on the material)
6.Supply voltage;220V/50HZ,110V/60HZ
8.Net Weight:35KG Gross weight:45KG
9.Dimension: L400*W300*H430 mm

 Product Features:
    * High-speed feeding, Digit cutting machine by microcomputer program control, Accuracy can arrive 0.1mm
    * Cutting speed is adjustable, English LCD display.
    * Any continuous adjustable length and speed
    * Automatic grouping the cumulative and total cumulative count
    * Batch pause and delay time can be set
    * There is no feed automatic stop
 * Can automatic cutting all kinds of tubes, Ribbon material.
    * High-speed precise stepper motor control in cutting length
    * The cutting time protection, Amount setting, The bundle setting, The bundle pause time pause
 * All kinds of manual operation, convenient debugging
    * Digit cutting machine LCD for large-size screen display, Operation simple and convenient
    * Using special mechanical structure and special cutters, With dedicated software control, Solved the problem of silicone tube incision uneven.

Computer cutting machine mechanical parts of the body is made of durable cast iron technology, Circuit part of the body USES is made of high quality sheet metal